They smile

They smile to left and beam to right

While straight ahead the joy rays light,

Debating reality on plate

I might stay here twisting a fate

To catch the happiness parfume

Which flowers add to day’s resume,

Forgetting worries from the streets

With fears patterns between their tweets.

… They smile to left and beam to right

‘Till grace is smoothing the insight.

© Simona Prilogan, 12 /07 /2020, Nottingham


I left the path

I left the path… While dark got here
The angels’ pray wrapped the skies.
I felt their wings between your lies,
Trying to save my mind from fear.
I run away from our nest
To ease the pain behind the door
Of what the shadows broke before
Of thousands stabbs upon my chest.

Yet steps are heavy on my way
Carrying with me a part of you,
The dawns bring memories to say
Nostalgic stanzas under blue.
The evenings strike on thoughts we had
While catching moons between the stars
But still I run alone and sad
To find my heart under the scars.

© Simona Prilogan, 12/07/2020, Nottingham