Solace #Rewrite Sunlight 

It was a time when my only solace were the dreams I had inside… Till I have learnt how to embrace the Light and let them Live!

Happy to be part of Rewrite Sunlight – a poetry anthology from “All poetry

My only solace are my tales
Which wind brought to me in my dreams.
It drew pretty smiles on my face
And dug it so deep through the means.

My only solace are my tales
Which call me on towers of night.
The beauty of stars, the rhythm of the dance
Of angels while singing behind of the sight.

My only solace are my tales
Which asked to embrace all the light.
While faith, overcoming the power of fake,
Regards me on mornings and shines so bright.

@Simona Prilogan





  1. overcoming the power of fake

    Almost impossible to do in USA these days. Seems all we get are editorialized versions of news in politics from networks with specific agendas not the pure facts. These alleged news agencies give us fake news too so we are unable to decide based on truth. It is astonishing how they reach either a left wing view or right wing view which are very different and inconsistent with actual events and opposite conclusions as well.

  2. Indeed, these days the truth is split in thousands of pieces and the reality makes it up over the lies. Still Love and Humanity are still part of the universal Truth.
    Thank you for your visit and your thoughts. Have a great weekend ahead!

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