Monday Math Puzzle


Teacher: Suppose, I give you 2 dogs. Then I again give you 2 dogs. How many will you have?
George: 5
Teacher: How?
George: I have a dog in my house now.

The maths teacher asked Little Billy “If you have £20 and I ask you for £10 as a
loan, how many pounds would you still have?”.
“Twenty” came the reply.
“How so?” enquired the teacher.
“Just because you ask me to loan you £10, it doesn’t mean I am going to”.

A schoolteacher sent a letter to all parents after day one of the new term which said “If you can promise that you will not believe all that your child says goes on at school, I will promise you that I won’t believe all that your child says goes on at home”.

A young boy was teaching mathematics to a young girl, saying that this was his good deed. He kissed her; he then kissed her again; he kissed her a third time adding “There, thats addition”. She silently gave him the kisses back sweetly saying ” So that will be
subtraction?”. They then kissed each other at the same time. Both smiled and said together ” That’s multiplication.” Just at that moment, the young girls father arrived. He kicked him for two blocks exclaiming “That’s long division”.

Teacher: If your father and mother both give you 50$, what you will get?
George: A new video game.

Happy Monday, wherever you are! 🙂 

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  1. Din cubul primului numar se scade patratul celui de al treilea si ne da astfel cel de la mijloc.

    (25x25x25) – 9696 = 5929;
    Scoatem de sub radical si obtinem 77.
    Pe acesta l-am cam complicat. Promit sa vin cu unul mai “normal”.
    Multumesc din suflet, Potecuta draga. O zi plina de zambete! 🙂

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