Haiku Poems – AshiAkira

Haiku Poems by AshiAkira 

In April 2017 the author of some of the most beautiful Haiku Poems, AshiAkira, published at Lulu Press the first collection of nearly five hundred haiku poems written originally in English, calling them “haiku poems” specifically to distinguish them from the originally Japanese form. AshiAkira became interested in writing this form of poems after he turned seventy as he mentioned in the book Introduction.

Few months later, in November 2017, the second collection, Haiku Poems II,  which comprises the haiku poems numbered 497 through 1000, has been published at the same company press. In this collection, the poet strives to honor the spirit of the original writers of haiku, writing from his own experiences. The first haiku poems were written  in the era of feudalism under the rigid and decisive rule of the Tokugawa shogunate, by poets who craved for the real freedom. They sought liberty in obeying the law of nature, which is equal and fair to all kinds of people. AshiAkira, also seeking for true freedom in this troubled world, wants to emulate the haiku poets of old.


Written so elegantly, with powerful and great imagery, the Haiku Poems of AshiAkira make you feel in love with the beauty of nature from the first reading. The author brings to the readers the nature spectacle seen by a very sensitive eye and mind in a brilliant work compressed in a five-seven-five syllables which create an amazing visualization of the words.

The both Haiku Poems collections are a great gift made by AshiAkira to the world. Beauty, grace, love, purity, peace, freedom, all are so amazing painted by AshiAkira’s pen in a personalized and sensitive nature’s grand sight.


In unlit alley

White camellias’ strange glow

Like sisters of starts


„By looking at the flower blooming, I can feel the creative power of nature. I feel such a power is just as great as that which may have caused the bing bang.” AshiAkira – Haiku Poems II – Introduction 





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