Friendship – On Earth as it is in Poetry

On Earth as it is in Poetry is another great book anthology from AllPoetry, where I am so happy to have included a poem I wrote in early 2017, Friendship, after a great relief in our visa matter.  Friendship is yet one of the topics I have to write more about in its so many life aspects. Between the edges of the daily routine, we all need the sparking of friendship. As one of the greatest gifts of humanity.

When shadows just dance above on my sky
Yet painting my shame with secrets to hold
No colours on days, no trust to come by
On matters which made my thought’s rooms so cold,
When struggle became desire to flame
The dark feelings out and shaping new name,
Your hands I may need surrounding my own
Just as there is here while weakness might stone
The fields of the dumb fear shaking my shirt.
I need you to feel my unspoken hurt. 

Sunshine is healing through your kindness’ sight
Yet asking not why, just giving the chance
Of new mornings which rephrase the old fight
On friendship’s warm hands and love’s peaceful glance.

@Simona Prilogan, Nottingham, March 2017

Friendship – On Earth as it is in Poetry



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