Thursday Math Puzzle

A,B,C of Maths

A big circle dared each form, 
gentle handling in jets’ knowledge, 
levelling more numbers of pattern, 
quizzing ratio since the union’s values 
welcomed x-rays yelling zero.

@Simona Prilogan

375 = 75
234 = 9
939 = 63
531 = 63
468 = ?

Happy Thursday, wherever you are! 🙂



  1. Aici am mers pe formula: din patratul sumei primelor doua cifre am scazut patratul celei de a treia. Sa spunem ca cele 3 cifre sunt a,b,c :
    (a+b) x (a+b) – (cxc)
    468= 36
    O zi plina de Frumos, draga Potecuta! ❤

  2. Here I chose this pattern: from the square of the sum of the first two digits I dropped the third square. Let’s say the three digits are a, b, c:
    (a+b) x (a+b) – (cxc)
    468= 36
    Have a beautiful and inspired day! Happy writing!

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