My poem “Only Love Can Rhyme” has been published at Spillwords Press NYC

Last year at “Inspire Poetry Festival 2018”, Nottingham Poetry Society invited me to translate and perform some of my Romanian poems for a translation event. I am so happy that one of the poems has been published today at Spillwords Press. I must say a big thanks to the Spillwords team for their priceless support and encouragement.

Only love can rhyme
When days are getting back in time
In long journey, in discrepancy,
Worrying in the ramparts.

Please continue reading the poem here.

The thoughts I was expressing in the original poem had come from my personal experience while having to deal with my husband visa refusal upon family reunion, yet when everything appeared discouraging, the Love was the only one who lighted our Hope. Then and Always, Only Love Can Rhyme!

To all my readers who celebrate the Paschal Holidays by Gregorian calendar, wishing you and all your loved ones a Blessed Easter.
May the risen Christ bring you and your family abundant happiness.

Credit photo: pixel2013, Pixabay


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