Sunday Math Puzzle #Flowers Day

Flowers Day ( Palm Day), also called the Triumphal Entry, is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, celebrated on the Sunday before Easter.
Just few days before His crucifixion, Jesus Christ was received by adoring throngs at his entry into Jerusalem on the back of young donkey. The crowds threw palm branches (a symbol of victory) in his path in jubilation, and even the children called praises out to Him. The Orthodox celebrate this day with joy, but with the realization that very sad events are soon to come. Orthodox peoples who live in areas without palms use pussy willow branches rather than palms in the celebration of this event.

Flowers Day is also celebrated to welcome spring with nature’s rebirth and flowers’ blooming.

1 3 5 =  2

5 3 1 = 26

3 5 1 = 24 

5 1 3 = 12

1 5 3 = ? 



  1. Mă dau bătută. Le-am ameţit de tot. Oricum, e tare frumos şi abia aştept rezultatul cu explicaţie.
    O zi frumoasă, ca pozele de mai sus!

  2. Aici m-am gandit la vecinitati oarecum si pe schema a b c = d, am adunat lui “a” un unu, lui “b” un doi iar lui “c” un trei. 😛 Iar pentru ca tot le-am incurcat deja am facut asa:
    (a+1) x (b+2) – (c+3) = d
    1 5 3 = 2 x 7 – 6 = 8
    Promit sa revin mai “normala” pentru urmatoarea provocare.
    Multumesc mult, Potecuta draga! O seara de poveste si o saptamana plina de zambete!

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