My Petru

The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul or Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul is a liturgical feast in honour of the martyrdom in Rome of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which is observed on 29 June. The celebration is of ancient origin, the date selected being the anniversary of either their death or the translation of their relics. For Eastern Orthodox  this feast also marks the end of the Apostles’ Fast which began on the Monday following All Saints’ Sunday, the second Monday after Pentecost.

Today, in the Orthodox culture, people named Petru, Petre, Petra, Paul, Paula celebrate their name day. I would like to mention my loved son, Cosmin Petru, and wish him all the best. It is not the name that makes him unique, but his amazing person.

This week Cosmin has had a great achievement which paid off a part of his hard work during his master studies. One of his research articles has been published in the prestigious European Journal of Political Theory. “Governmental functions and the specification of rights” could be read here. Looking forward for others to come as well for a good start of a PhD programme in one of the best UK universities.

Best wishes for your name day, my dear son! May all your dreams come true! Big hugs and lots of love

Happy name day!



  1. La cât mai multe realizări personale și profesionale! 😘
    (Mândria mamei și mândria românilor 😉).

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