Math Puzzle #1 & Nottingham’s zoom

91 – 82 – 73 = 136

64 – 55 – 46 = 109 

37 – 28 – 19 = 82

84 – 63 – 41 = ?

Green’s Windmill and Science Centre is a restored and working windmill in Sneinton, Nottingham, just near to my house. I have visited already the area for few times and on the last visit I even dared to take the stairs up to the top of the mill. I took some pictures on my way, yet is worth visiting by the whole family as everyone will have something to learn or to remember. Kids will understand better how the grain convert into the floor, experiencing like scientists as the windmill staff ensured us. When I found myself between all those bags of grain and floor, I remembered my grandparents’ water mill from Corbesti – Bihor, Romania. (Nostalgia 🙂 )

Another interesting thing about this windmill is the fact that was built by the father of notable scientist and mathematician George Green in 1807. Today the working Mill is as well a popular museum and science centre, teaching the new generations of children about the great work of George Green.

The mill was badly damaged by a fire in 1947, but it was later restored by Nottingham City Council in the 1980’s. The windmill began milling again in December 1986 and the giant sails is still working today.

a – b – c = d

(2xa) + (3xb) – (4xc) = d
84 – 63 – 41 = 193.



  1. M-am delectat cu imaginile tare frumose. Din păcate, nu am reuşit cu joculeţul, aştept rezolvarea.
    Să ai o zi frumoasă, draga mea!

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