Detonating the Prejudices

Embracing the diplomacy with the freedom’s wings.
People and ideas talking on the world’s table.
Great ideas painted by beautiful minds.
Here or there, worldwide. 
With sunsets and sunrises full of smiles of hope. 
With great paths looking for the peaks. 
Could be yours, could be ours, could be theirs. 
Different smiles, distinct colours, diverse ways to reach the happiness. 
But the same Race.

And still…
The stones are thrown. 
In a world so much hurt by the ignorance and by the 
judgement in advance. 
The stones are still killing people, lives, ideas, wings,
thoughts, freedom and rights. 
With sunsets or sunrises bathed on blood, with nights
scratched by hate, with days covered by violence. 
Through times which are calling the prejudice on the first
line, like a soldier who lost the battle.

But still…
There are mornings which spark the flame of greatness. 
There are still rays of Sun shining the Hope. 
A Hope which stands at the front of Humanity.
Detonating the prejudice. 
We all smile in the same language. 
We all are the same Race. 
We all need to stand for Peace and for Humanity.

Detonating the Stones…

© Simona Prilogan, Nottingham

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash



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