Sensitivity’s Language

“You are too sensitive, like a Mimosa pudica!” I heard this statement many times in my primary school’s days and yes, I was not only sensitive by nature, but getting upset by the discourtesy of this utterance, minding the insight, retracting deep in my world with reserve, profoundly analysing everything I could, trying there to overcome the timidity. Yet it took me few years to understand firstly for myself that being sensitive is not a wicked thing. It is a part of my natural being, absorbing the emotions, seeing them in inside, canalizing the problems in diverse ways, then shine, through my unique gifts. And for understanding even better how amazing sensitivity could be, to learn better its language, my parents gifted me on my 10th birthday an interesting present: a mimosa pudica plant, beautifully arranged in a flowerpot.

Leaves of mimosa pudica fold inward and drop if you touch them. The same happens in case of heating, puffing, trembling. The leaflets reopen in about half hour but fold up naturally at night. This response may have advanced as a defence mechanism to slayers, or to shadow the plant to reduce water loss due to evaporation. This creeping perpetual blossoming plant also named Dormilones, touch-me-not, shame plant, it’s plentiful in so many nutrients and remains a topic of curiosity. For mimosa pudica, the sensitivity’s language leads to an extraordinary package of benefits. Because of its antiseptic, antivenom, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, anticonvulsant, anti-asthmatic, emetic, sedative and tonic properties, mimosa it is greatly used in treating a lot of the disorders including the snakes’ bites. Gorgeous language indeed!

As well, the shy plant produce tiny pink flowers more often when it is planted outdoors than indoors. For those who read better the sensitivity’s language would get more benefits of it. A sensitive person is an emphatic and kind one.

So far, my birthday present brought me a lot of joy through the smiles of its blooming. Beautiful pink to purple flowers confirmed me that sensitive plant is just as amazing as I might be.  


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