Few wrinkles

Few wrinkles are painting my face
Writing on time’s page the chance
Of falling apart from allure
Depicted by people’s brochure
With red flags and minus in place.
You see, they might tell you sometimes
How beautiful life is indeed
While preaching the fake through its lines,
Negating the light and its deed.
Yet brightness is sparking my eyes
From all the portraits caught by days
Through valleys and hills to the skies
Reminding to breathe through the maze.
It’s life in itself a grand prize.

Few wrinkles are painting my heart
With tender and kindness from Earth
To glance for each moment the art
Of living the present rebirth,
Enriching through giving away
The love’s flame of my many days.

© Simona Prilogan


With a hope that better days are embracing our Mother Earth, I wish you a New year fully loaded with peace, love, confidence, courage and joy.

Happy New Year!

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