She’s awake at night

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She’s awake at night, turning thoughts on mind,
Scrolling back in time through emotions’ spine,
Questioning herself at the manners’ shelf,
Blinking eyes of quest with the greatest zest,
Trying to revive meanings of her drive,
While the hope grows dark, torturing her spark.

Stars are pouring charm in desire’s arm,
Singing hymns of love rising from above,
Melting hearts despite of his leaving write.
Still, she tunes again in his waves of pain,
Bounding to his path, let alone in wrath
Unknown to unfurl in her longing twirl. 

Hidden roots unfold through her broken world,
Calling a return of a mystic yearn,
Clapping hands of past, soberly, and fast,
Night is yanking pain out of life’s refrain. 
Rendering the sore, thoughts of evermore
Craves the beams of peace through her crying cease.

It might be a curse out of past’s remorse,
Levelling the pain in a stormy rain,
Letting her to fall deep to the love’s core
So, she can embrace tightly his hurt’s pace,
Lightening his way to a brighter day
Through her prayers’ spell out of blessings’ shell.

She’s awake at night, questioning her sight,
Wanting to let go, following the flow
To the silence’s shore, smiling more and more,
But the shade of luck gets emotions stuck
In her head, behind of her wistful mind.
He is too apart, yet still in her heart.

© Simona Prilogan, London, 2022