Let us play chess

Let us play chess, Blue often says
While gathering the clouds on skies,
One for each thought, the pawn, the knight
Are finding ways through rules of life.
Let us find moves for sake of love
Despite of thunderstorm’s array.

Let us draw strength from early dawns
With golden, glorious, true hues,
Shaping in seconds dreams’ icons,
One for each rook with splendid views,
With hazy bishops penning ways
Unique in style through baffling maze.  

Let us play games of happy cheers
With kings and queens sharing their thrones
Through wisdoms lines, away from fears,
Sculpturing life in sacred stones.
Let us bring peace from cherubs’ songs,
Twisting to just the earthly wrongs.

Blessed are the ones who found their moves
Beneath the silk of kindness’ light,
The greater path from angels’ groves
‘Till to the heart, thoughtful and right.
For sake of love, dancing its blues,
The Blue stays loyal in time’s cruise.

© Simona Prilogan, London, September 2022

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