Goodbye, October

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Goodbye, October! You have been full of dreams,
Painting my mornings through magical beams

With glorious colours, embracing dank haze
With grace and surrender.  A mighty, vast maze,

Unfolding the pieces of memories’ pain,
Was twisting my sadness to silence’s deep lane.

Writing my wishes with favourite rhymes
On golden, red leaves changing their times.

For stories to keep their remembrance heart,
As richest, dense green is falling apart.

Goodbye, October! You have been full of smiles
Waltzing sweet calmness through windy, chill miles.

Whispering wisdom in soft, gentle pace
Through golden sunrises, renaming Earth’s grace.

The icy, crisp squall is hugging fall’s days
Soothing frost ruptures with angels’ warm gaze.   

For the old sleeping tales to surrender
At the corner of misty November.

© Simona Prilogan

London, 30/10/2022