Crossing limitation by Simona Prilogan – Gobblers & Masticadores

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I was staring at that piece of paper and could not believe all those lies. The Home Office officer wrote down some of the most horrific conclusions I had ever read. My husband’s visa was refused on the ground of being fake. Our marriage, she thought, was fake!  Seconds after seconds, my memory brought back images of the interview I had with Miss Brown, the lady who decided my life was a fake one. She was the rudest person I could meet. Well, thank God, I have not met her face to face, we just spoke over the phone.  Then came in my mind all the struggle, the tough time being here, alone, in a new country, new culture, new job, being asked almost every day why I came here, regarded sometimes by some unwelcoming glances. I tried to ignore them as much as I could, keeping in mind and in heart all that good behaviour mum taught me since my early childhood. “Be nice to people all the time”, she used to say to me. Sometimes I wanted to scratch down all that good insight and face back the ugly glances, but somewhere deep in my soul I was feeling guilty in doing so. So, I smiled back with all my force.

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