Holding Hands, poetry by Simona Prilogan at Spillwords Press NYC

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It is said that physical pain can be relieved by holding hands with someone you love.

Today I am holding hands, poetically speaking, with my favourite Literary Ezine powered by a global community of readers and writers.

Happy and excited to have my poem Holding Hands published at Spillwords Press NYC.

Heartiest thanks to editing team at Spillwords.com!

[…] Their reality conveyed the spark
Of remembrances in blessed psalms,
Easing their pain, lighting their dark
While holding tightly their soft palms.

Simona Prilogan

I am inviting you to read the full post here: Holding Hands, and looking forward for receiving your feedback.

Happy and blessed Sunday, wherever you are, full of light and heavenly joy.

Photo by blib blub on Unsplash