Happy New Year!

Windy, chill, lonesome December, taking fascinating glimpse,

May squeeze warmth from what seems over yet is blazing underneath.

Trees embracing their sheer fortune, shuffling cards with cups of love,

May sing catchy, cheerful refrains, bringing blessings from above.

Light snowflakes may paint your windows with the secret hue of bliss

As their dance of utmost freedom breaths sweet joy upon earth’s kiss.

Wild, perennial, swift rivers, carrying tales from the past’s chart

May soothe down their troubled waters, rinsing worries apart.

As the breezy, cool midwinter is balancing days and nights

In a carrousel of wonders, may the peace get your soul sights.  

From a rainy, windy city, pondering the friendship’s smile

I am sending you best wishes for a lucky, great lifestyle

Penned with wonderful, blessed colours brought by gods from the ninth sky,

While the future sets its focus, all its gates may beautify.

So, this very cheerful evening, I am writing you with “drag”

“La mulţi ani!”, “To many years!” Happiness may have around!   

© Simona Prilogan, London, 31/12/2022