Carving Magic, a “Simonic” Poetry Collection

My little poetry collection is about to come out soon, making me excited like a kid in a sweet shop.

The journey set about eleven years ago when I started learning English on my own, and once I have been comfortable enough, I took the rhymes into a new adventure: writing poetry straight in English. All the joy from this path leaded to a penning participation in 3 book anthologies in UK and 6 in USA.

Last year I have signed a publishing contract with Austin Macauley Publishers after they accepted my poetry project. Having the book ready to pace the journey to its readers took quite long way, but I have had a great experience working with the production team.

Heartiest thanks to my family for creating the most significant impetus for my poetry journey. My sons, Cristian and Cosmin have been the most significant advocates and supporters of my writing.  

Deepest thanks to my special friend Abid, for his help with editing, as well as for great support and encouragement.

Warmest thanks to the amazing and talented artist Cristina Stan, for drawing the wonderful illustrations for the book.

Many thanks for the editing and publishing team at Austin Macauley Publishers, for believing in my poetry, and for their priceless contribution.

The book is available for preorders in the publisher’s website: Carving Magic by Simona Prilogan

Bonus point: the book will be available in bookstores all over the world.

From poetry I have never gone. I only borrowed some mornings from the sunflowers and listened to their songs. The breeze brought sentences from far away, a mystic world displaying in my heart. Sound of love, aromas, colours, emotions. They were gathering at the gate of my mind, so I invited them in my inner world and together have created a genuine poetic space. A Simonic one. For returning the mornings to eternity. As we celebrate our togetherness, I invite you too for a cup of emotions and poetic thoughts poured between the lines.

Simona Prilogan