I wrapped in heart

I wrapped in heart the golden thoughts
Uprooted from my mother race,
The smiles, the sorrows of bonds’ knots,
From a togetherness’ embrace.
I celebrate their grounded seeds
With love empowering the light,
Carving by grace compassion deeds
Through my whole space, so pure, so bright.

I wrapped in heart the childhood’s song
With whispers of the rivers’ streams,
The psalms of dawns, the mother tongue,
The forest’s tunes through sunny beams.
I celebrate their feeding force
Calming my stride in stormy days,
A blessed offset in my grey course,
Holding strong stems through misty haze.

I wrapped in heart sweet remembrance
From sagas shaping my dreamland
With heroes greeting resemblance
From my beloved, sacred homeland.
I celebrate the roots I hold,
Deep, firm, ancestral, native depths,
Away from home, paths to remould,
Carrying with me their branches’ strengths.

© Simona Prilogan


“To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June.”- Jean Paul ❤

Special thanks to my friend Cornel Amariutei for reading my poem.