For ever… Eminescu

A Dacian’s Prayer

When death did not exist, nor yet eternity,
Before the seed of life had first set living free,
When yesterday was nothing, and time had not begun,
And one included all things, and all was less than one,
When sun and moon and sky, the stars, the spinning earth
Were still part of the things that had not come to birth,
And You quite lonely stood… I ask myself with awe,
Who is this mighty God we bow ourselves before.

Ere yet the Gods existed already He was God
And out of endless water with fire the lightning shed;
He gave the Gods their reason, and joy to earth did bring,
He brought to man forgiveness, and set salvation’s spring
Lift up your hearts in worship, a song of praise enfreeing,
He is the death of dying, the primal birth of being.

To him I owe my eyes that I can see the dawn,
To him I owe my heart wherein is pity born;
Whene’er I hear the tempest, I hear him pass along
Midst multitude of voices raised in a holy song;
And yet of his great mercy I beg still one behest:
That I at last be taken to his eternal rest.

Be curses on the fellow who would my praise acclaim,
But blessings upon him who does my soul defame;
Believe no matter whom who slanders my renown,
Give power to the arm that lifts to strike me down;
Let him upon the earth above all others loom
Who steals away the stone that lies upon my tomb.

Hunted by humanity, let me my whole life fly
Until I feel from weeping my very eyes are dry;
Let everyone detest me no matter where I go,
Until from persecution myself I do not know;
Let misery and horror my heart transform to stone,
That I may hate my mother, in whose love I have grown;
Till hating and deceiving for me with love will vie,
And I forget my suffering, and learn at last to die.

Dishonoured let me perish, an outcast among men;
My body less than worthy to block the gutter then,
And may, o God of mercy, a crown of diamonds wear
The one who gives my heart the hungry dogs to tear,
While for the one who in my face does callous fling a clod
In your eternal kingdom reserve a place, o God.

Thus only, gracious Father, can I requitance give
That you from your great bounty vouched me the joy to live;
To gain eternal blessings my head I do not bow,
But rather ask that you in hating compassion show.
Till comes at last the evening, your breath will mine efface,
And into endless nothing I go, and leave no trace.

Translated by Corneliu M. Popescu ( Source: All Poetry)

Mihai Eminescu, born Mihail Eminovici, 15 January 1850 – 15 June 1889) was a Romanian Romantic poet from Moldavia, novelist, and journalist, generally regarded as the most famous and influential Romanian poet.

Mai am un singur dor

Mai am un singur dor:
In linistea serii
Sã mã lãsati sã mor
La marginea mãrii;
Sã-mi fie somnul lin
Si codrul aproape,
Pe-ntinsele ape
Sã am un cer senin.
Nu-mi trebuie flamuri,
Nu voi sicriu bogat,
Ci-mi împletiti un pat
Din tinere ramuri.

Si nime-n urma mea
Nu-mi plîngã la crestet,
Doar toamna glas sã dea
Frunzisului vested…
Pe cînd cu zgomot cad
Alunece luna
Prin vîrfuri lungi de brad.
Pãtrunza talanga
Al serii rece vînt,
Deasupra-mi teiul sfînt
Sã-si scuture creanga.

Cum n-oi mai fi pribeag
De-atunci înainte,
M-or troieni cu drag
Aduceri aminte.
Luceferi, ce rãsar
Din umbra de cetini,
Fiindu-mi prieteni,
O sã-mi zîmbeascã iar.
Va geme de patemi
Al mãrii aspru cînt…
Ci eu voi fi pãmînt
In singurãtate-mi.

Mihai Eminescu

Photo credit:  OpenClipart-Vectors, Pixabay