Holding Hands

There was a river in my dreams
Carrying the stories of globe’s heart
With sadness, sorrows in its streams
Echoing memories apart.
Yet joyful waves were kissing lands
With great compassion brought from skies
Since earth and blue were holding hands,
Shaping their trust, so bright, so wise.

There was a forest full of green
Beaming its sagas to the world
With all the burdens they have seen
Through rusty days, becoming odd.
Yet sunny rays, glowing the space,
Were blooming hopes through flowers smiles,
Enriching memories with grace
While holding hands in my dreams’ tales.

There was a city full of life
Depicting kindness in my thoughts,
Transcending Eden in its drive,
Bonding the magic in love’s pots.  
Their reality conveyed the spark
Of remembrances in blessed psalms,
Easing their pain, lighting their dark
While holding tightly their soft palms.  

© Simona Prilogan

It is said that physical pain can be relieved by holding hands with someone you love.