She didn’t want to die

She didn’t want to die…
Those mornings with pain
Were painting the yearning corridors
Up to the memory’s hills
Where friends gathered the life’s symphony
Playing guitars and dancing with joy.

She didn’t want to go
Over the darkness’ mountains
Writing the letters deep in the heart.
Pitches and notes speak wretched to the skies,
A silent breath covering the fantasy
Up to her memories hills.
Where music rejoice was her life.

She didn’t want to leave
The beauty of dreams, far from the stab
Of cutting her rhapsody in thousands bleeding pieces
Yet a refrain of soreness sung the lyrics of death
Up to the memory’s hills
Of friends gathering life.

© Simona Prilogan

I left the path

I left the path… While dark got here

The pray of angels wrapped the skies.

I felt their wings between your lies,

Trying to save my mind from fear.

I run away from our nest

To ease the pain behind the door

Of what the shadows broke before,

With thousands stabs upon my chest.

Yet steps are heavy on my way

Carrying with me a part of you,

The dawns bring memories to say

Nostalgic stanzas under blue.

The evenings strike on thoughts we had

While catching moons between the stars

But still I run alone and sad

To find my heart under the scars.

© Simona Prilogan

Photo by HoliHo from Pexels