The poems I wrote yesterday

The poems I wrote yesterday
Became tears of longing, apart.
Today the sunset brought them back
In thousands of waves, looking for
My passion, my love, burnt away
In seven desires; a charm
Is playing the wind beneath the sky.

The poems I wrote yesterday
Became leaves waltzing in their fall.
Their spells spark the skyline, yet call
Those seven desires in mind,
‘Till passion is getting its storm
With fevers and fears running through
The whole universe, looking for
The magical lust of their rhymes.

The poems I wrote yesterday
Are wandering under the storms
Like Ciara is running through skies
Still looking for something may lost.
In seven desires, a fight
Is playing my heart and my soul
Like Dennis is tearing apart
The wounds over fears, ‘till the ground
Is kissed by the tears of their burning poems.

© Simona Prilogan


It’s snowing the tales over us
with chapters surrounded by charm,
the evening is seizing the palm
of seven desires, a spell
it’s crossing in seconds the path,
just seven were those, yet apart
some stings lost their battle duel.

It’s raining the colours in verse
in seven nuances through rhymes,
their songs bring the night in the cymes
with seven desirous bouquets
of ardours from seven planets
till blue turns on magical breeze
like those seven shadings of seas.

While seven sunsets read to us
a story depicted from skies,
your warmth writes on stones seven highs
of beauty of life, sensing care
through seven sunrises we share
on our yet unique love star.
A week charm it’s playing guitar.

© Simona Prilogan

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